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Hummingbird Additive is pleased to be an active member of the 3D Printing community through partnerships, presentations, and publications.


  • Culture Shock in AM: From the Executive Suite to the Manufacturing Floor, AMC @ IMTS, Sept. 2022

  • AM Prototyping through Scaled Production: Expectations vs Reality, TIPE Conference Economics Track, Jan. 2022

  • Expectation vs Reality: The Relationship between Economics & Effort when Implementing AM, ASME AM Industry Summit, Aug. 2021

  • Why Are Fresh Faces Beneficial to AM Teams?, TIPE Conference Youth Track, Jan. 2021

"And one thing about his presentation that struck me was that he made the point that if you're using AM properly, it's going to cause a culture shock, you can't avoid it. So you have to figure out how to manage the process successfully. And he had a whole bunch of suggestions for how to do that from building the right team to finding the right business case and not taking on too much at once."​

- Julia Hider, AM Radio #26A


  • Interface Matters - S1E1 - Live from Formnext, Matthias Hirsch and Olivier Messé, Nov. 2022

  • 3Degrees Discussions #44 - Live at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG), Mike Vasquez, May 2021

  • All Digital AM - 3DP & AM Chat: Hummingbird Additive, Adam Penna, Aug. 2020

Publications & Patents


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