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At Hummingbird Additive, we provide the resources and tools to start printing with confidence. Our goal is to expand the use of metal 3D printing beyond the aerospace and medical industries and into mainstream adoption.


Some common questions we answer:

  • What materials and technologies are available to me? 

  • Does 3D printing make sense for my product?

  • How can my product be improved with 3D printing?

  • How do I approach qualification for production?

  • What inspection steps do I need?

  • Can anyone fix my production issues?

  • How can I scale production efficiently?​

In addition, we offer stand-alone technology guides and custom flat-rate reports. Our Build Share™ program provides members access to production ready technologies with vetted vendors. From identifying the right business case to finalizing a product design, Hummingbird Additive walks with you through each step of the AM journey.

A Phase-Driven Approach for Production Focused Clients

Hummingbird Additive provides clients with tailored services to improve production, processes, and profits. Our expertise in application development combined with our wholistic approach to technical challenges enables a balanced final product.

Whether it’s evaluating a new technology or improving an existing product, we can help.